The SACPCMP hereby prescribes the registration of Construction Health and Safety Managers as a specified category in terms of section 18 (1) (c) of the Act No. 48 of 2000. The registration system described in this document applies to those Construction Health and Safety Managers that operate at levels other than professional level in the construction industry.


In order to obtain registration as a construction health and safety manager an applicant must provide proof of:

  •   Recognized and appropriate health and safety qualifications
  •   Relevant experience in the health and safety industry, with specific detail on construction experience
  •   Knowledge, skill and experience by attending and passing a professional interview

Upon registration as a Construction Health and Safety Manager the applicant will be required to adhere to the SACPCMP Code of Conduct and CPD Policy Framework. Click to read more…


The SACPCMP will assess and register Construction Health and Safety Managers, based on their experience, knowledge and capabilities, as prescribed in the registration requirements for construction health and safety officers. A person will obtain registration once they have submitted the required documentation and met the registration criteria in full. Click to read more…


Click here to view the template… CHS-Application-form-template.pdf (1780 downloads)