Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

In line with Section 13(k) and Section 22(2) of the Project and Construction Management Professions Act, No. 48 of 2000, Council has resolved that CPD is a compulsory condition for the renewal and maintenance of professional registration in all categories of professional registration.

All registered persons need to renew their registration every five years to maintain their registration in line with the approved gazetted CPD policy of Council.Registered professionals are required to participate in CPD activities in order to:

  1. maintain competence and personnel development for the public good and retain the professional cadre;
  2. ensure continuous improvement in the acquisition of academic and professional skills;
  • develop deeper and specialised knowledge;
  1. broaden knowledge over a wider professional spectrum;
  2. acquire international recognition;
  3. ensure skills growth acceleration and innovation.

Within one year of a CPD cycle (currently 5 years), registered persons are expected to maintain a combined minimum total of 50 CPD hours or the equivalent of 5 CPD points for Category A, B and C activities. Within a registration period of 5 years, a registered person needs to attain a minimum total of 250 hours or 25 CPD points for Category A, B and C activities.

Category A CPD activities refers to Core knowledge and Non-Core Knowledge

Category B CPD activities refers to Mentorship and Development  

Category C CPD activities refers to Ongoing Professional Practice

Registered persons are expected to show evidence of continuing professional development in the 5 years of registration (CPD cycle) in a format prescribed by Council in line with the approved CPD policy.

In the first year of professional registration, a registered person is not obliged to engage in CPD but may transfer ten (10) CPD hours or 1 CPD point if they have already undertaken CPD activity. Professional Candidates are not obliged to engaged in CPD activities.

Any professional who does not comply with CPD within the five (5) years of professional registration will be required to follow a remedial programme for twelve (12) months in the sixth (6th) year of professional registration failing which de-registration will take place in the 7th year of professional registration.

It is the personal responsibility of the registered person to undertake and safekeep and submit their personal records and evidence of CPD activities undertaken during the total period of professional registration.