SACPCMP Validated Courses

The SACPCMP has, in line with section 13(k) determined the conditions relating to the nature and extent of validation process of training providers in line with CPD policy standards.

The SACPCMP  will only approve CPD activities where the following aspects are adequately covered by the provider:

  1. Activities serve to maintain or enhance the knowledge, skills, work experience and competence of participants.
  2. Activities are aimed at meeting individual needs for professionalism, ethics and professional development, employers’ needs for improved services, industry’s needs for excellence, and national needs for economic development.
  3. Activities meet both educational and professional development needs and requirements.
  4. Activities clearly specify the participation of construction professions and reflect it in the content of activity.
  5. The depth and breadth of the subject matter is appropriate, with sufficient time for discussion.
  6. The subject covered provides a balanced view and is not unduly promotional.
  7. The presenter has proven practical and academic experience and is assessed to be a good communicator;
  8. Evaluation forms for obtaining feedback on the activity are provided for rating of the relevance, quality and effectiveness of the activity.

Only programmes and activities meeting the above criteria will be recognized or registered by the SACPCMP.

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