SACPCMP wishes to thank you for your contribution to major and positive outcomes achieved during the year. We wish to advise that on account of the current dire economic situation, we have increased the fees moderately by alignment to the rate of inflation. Unfortunately, a fee increase was unavoidable, and we at the SACPCMP aim at giving you the right level of service. We are committed to providing you, the Registered Person, with good customer service and we are willing to receive your suggestions as well as comments that you may have on how we can improve the level of service that we give to our Registered Persons.

You are hereby notified that your annual fee for 2019 is due in terms of section 12(1)(c) of the Project and Construction Management Professions Act (Act No. 48 of 2000). The amount due is reflected on the attached invoice and is payable on or before the 31st March 2019.

Your attention is drawn to the provisions of section 20(1)(a)(iii) of the Act that failure to pay the prescribed annual fee by the 31st March 2019 date will result in your incurring an administrative fee for late payment up to the end of October 2019 and thereafter to the eventual cancellation of your registration. Should this be the unfortunate consequence, the process of re-instatement of your registration can be a cumbersome and cost-intensive process and we implore you to avoid such a consequence. We request that you to effect payment timeously as this is the source of revenue that sustains the operations of the SACPCMP. Furthermore, all Registered Persons should take note that the onus lies with them to make payment and they are urged to follow the necessary processes with their companies in instances where their companies are responsible for such payments.

We wish to advise that as of November 2017 we have begun issuing Digital Encrypted PrivySeal Certificates. The issuing of the certificate to bona fide  Registered Persons is only “made ” to those Registered Persons who are in good standing. This means that, among others, they must fully comply with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements as well as paying their Annual fees within the prescribed period. Please also remember that the onus lies with YOU to visit your profile and update ALL your contact details so that you receive communication and to ensure that PrivySeal “recognises” as you as a valid Registered Person and displays your seal once it establishes your correct and appropriate status.

Payments to be made to:

BANK                :   NEDBANK

ACC NAME        :   The SA Council for Project and Construction Management Professions

ACC NO             :   1284064557


BRANCH CODE  :  128405

Please use your invoice number as a reference. It is important that you email to the remittance advice or proof of payment to the SACPCMP office.

Kindly be advised that for company payment, bulk invoices are available on request.


Yours faithfully

Ms Maphefo Sedite

Executive: Finance



Fees and charges for the calendar year 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019 in terms of the Project and Construction Management Professions (Act 48 of 2000)

The South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP) is empowered in terms of Section 12 (1) of the Project and Construction Management (Act 48 of 2000) to determine fees and charges payable to the Council

The relevant prescribed fees are set out in the schedule below and come into effect on 1 January 2019



The South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions hereby prescribes its schedules of fees for the period 1 January 2019- 31 December 2019

  1. Persons registered with the Council in terms of the Act, are required to pay the applicable Annual fee in January annually.
  2. In terms of section 20(1) (a) (iii) of the Act the council may cancel the registration of a registered persons if he/she fails to pay the prescribed annual fee or portion thereof within 60 days of it becoming due or within such further period as the Council may allow, either before or after the expiry of the 60 days
  3. A registered person, whose registration has been cancelled in terms of clause 2 above, is liable to pay all arrear annual fees and outstanding fees and all applicable charges on application of reinstatement
  4. An Administrative fee will be charged should the applicable annual fee not be paid within the prescribed period
  5. The annual fee for initial registration is calculated on a pro-rata dependent on which month of the year registration takes place.

The fees prescribed herein include Value Added Tax (VAT)

Professional (Pr. CM. Pr. CPM, Pr. CMe) R2 358.24 R3 890.04 R1 203.34 R3 970.26
Candidate (C. CM, C. CPM) R2 358.24 R1 203.34 R3 072.67
Specified Category: Construction Mentor R2 358.24 R3 890.04 R1 203.34 R3 579.73
Professional Construction Health and Safety Agent R2 358.24 R3 890.04 R1 203.34 R3 970.26
Construction Health and Safety Manager R932.32 R1 088.81 R1 177.95 R3 348.15
Construction Health and Safety Officer R295.58 R517.67 R258.83 R2 807.46
Candidate Construction Health and Safety R257.02 R254.01 R2 510.39


Description Fees
Activities up to half a day R8 224.81
Activities up to 1 day R11 501.25
Activities with minimum period of up to 2 days R15 334.99
Activities with more than 2 days R18 209.90
Re-Evaluation of existing Programs/Courses validated by Other Built Environment Councils R7 528.09
Activities more than 1 week R21 085.26
Activities more than 2 weeks R24 414.61
CPD Online R2 243.13


Description Fees
Re-accreditation of Existing Programmes R80 833.50
Paper-based Assessment R24 229.84
CHS Skills Modules R4 715.29



Description Fees
Voluntary Association – Annual Fee R4 715.29
Administrative Fee – Professionals R1 862.44
Administrative Fee – Candidates R854.33
Letter of good standing R453.82
Student fees 0
RPL – (Pr. CM, Pr. CPM, Pr. CMe) R15 040.00
RPL – (CHSM, CHSO) R9 661.03
Assessment of logbooks (C. CM, C. CPM) R538.89
Assessment of Logbooks Candidate CHS R227.05
Appeal Fee R6 000


2019 Fee Structure. Download

2019 Gazette of Fees. Download