The registration process is made up of different phases. In order for Council to process your application you are required to submit all required documentation and pay the application fee.

Council will then do a standard pre-assessment to confirm whether all documentation is in the correct format, a Council verification letter will then be issued.

After the pre-assessment phase the application gets sent to appointed registered professionals for assessment, the outcome of the assessment is formally communicated to you and depending on the outcome may require you to respond to the recommendation.

You will be formally invited for examinations or interview and after successful completion you will process to registration.

Due to the backlog of registration and a very intensive process, specific time frames cannot be provided. To expedite the process applicants are required to ensure:

•  All documents are uploaded to their profiles

•  All documents meet the requirements as set out on the website

•  Regular update of information on the profile, communication is dependent on your email address.

•  Ensure timeous payment of invoices and ensure to use the invoice reference number in the payment. This will ensure correct allocation of payment and timeous updating of your status.