There are numerous benefits that accrue from being a registered person to the individual, client bodies, employers’ organisations, construction industry, the general public and these even though not exhaustive are as hereunder:

Benefits for Registered Persons

A registered person is accredited by a statutory body to perform work identified for the profession he/she is registered for. Furthermore, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) ensures that the professional keeps abreast of the latest development in the profession.

Benefits for Employers/Clients

Employers/clients have the assurance that work is done according to best practice. The knowledge that the professionals’ own reputation is at stake serves as an assurance for the client/employers. There is a route to discipline non-compliant professionals. Persons who act unprofessionally are removed from the roll and are not able to work in the industry in terms of section 20(1)(a)(i) and 19(3)(v) of the Act

Benefits for Industry

Registration benefits the industry by raising the profile of the professions and by also eradicating tainted perceptions. Registered persons are seen as truly professional and attract better and more interest from students.

Benefits for General Public

Act No. 48 if 2000 was passed to protect the public. Registered professionals are less likely to take unacceptable risks that affect the environment, lower standards and endanger the safety of workers.