How long is the Registration process?


The registration process is made up of different phases. In order for Council to process your application you are required to submit all required documentation and pay the application fee. Council will then do a standard pre-assessment to confirm whether all documentation is in the correct format, a Council verification letter will then be issued. After the pre-assessment phase the application gets sent to appointed registered professionals for assessment, the outcome of the assessment is formally communicated to you and depending on the outcome may require you to respond to the recommendation. You will be formally invited for examinations or interview [...]

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How to find a mentor and how do I become a mentor?


Any registered professional can mentor a candidate in the same category or lower. As a registered person you can give your information to the Council if you are interested. Council will compile the list of interest mentors and distribute it to all candidates that require a mentor. A list of mentors will also be available on the website

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Registration Criteria


All applicants wishing to be registered with the SACPCMP, are required to familiarise themselves with the SACPCMP Registration requirements. All information pertaining to registration is available on the website For the Health and Safety registration requirements click here To Apply online click here

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I have no formal qualification but relevant experience


Provision has been made for applicants who do not have a formal qualification but have knowledge and experience in the field of Construction Health and Safety. Through the assessment phase the applicants will be recommended to go through the Recognition of prior Learning (RPL) programme. This programme is designed to assess the level of knowledge the individual possesses and credit them for their knowledge base.

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What is Candidate Registration


After assessment and it has been determined that you have the required minimum qualification/ training but have not yet acquired the minimum relevant experience, you may be recommended for deferment for candidate registration for a specified period of time. There is currently no direct route to candidature registration and can be attained by deferment from application in the different categories only. The guidelines that apply during candidate is available with the log book template.

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How do you book for an examination?


Once you have successfully passed the assessment phase you will receive a letter and invoice to notify you that you may write an examination. You will receive an email once you have paid your examination fee with a link that will direct you to the online booking page or you can go on your profile under event registration to amend or book an examination date. Kindly ensure you keep all your contact details up to date You can access all information via your cell phone (android) by sending the word “summary” to 32284.

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Can I submit a second application and what should I do?


You may submit a second application in a different category whilst the first is being processed or if you are already registered. Apply online by creating a complete new profile and submit all documents and information as would have been done on your first application The two profiles need to remain separate until both are in the final registration phase. The application that has become redundant will then be closed as you can only be registered in one category.

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How to Register?


The preferred option is to apply online and upload all supporting documents to your profile (BIO in slots provided). Visit the website and follow the registration links. Online templates and tutorials are available to assist you in the process. Just follow the links provided. Kindly familiarise yourself with the requirements and criteria for each category of registration. You can access all information via your cellphone (android) by sending the word “summary” to 32284.

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Who needs to Register?


In terms of the Construction Regulations 2014, Reg 5(5)(7) and Reg 8(16) any “Agent” appointed to represent the client and any appointed Construction Health and Safety Officer must be registered.

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