The purpose of the policy is to provide guidance on the development of Guidelines on Professional Fees as espoused by Section 34 of the Project & Construction
Management Act No 48 of 2000 (hereafter referred to as “the Act”). The fundamental principles underlying the policy on the Guidelines on Professional Fees draw from the Act which gives the SACPCMP the legislative mandate to provide guidelines on remuneration for the professions under the SACPCMP’s ambit. This statutory basis underlines the following principles:
a) The skills and knowledge required for the type of professional service involved;
b) The level of training and experience of the person necessarily engaged in performing the professional service;
c) The time necessarily occupied by each person engaged in performing professional services; and
d) The degree of responsibility that performing those services entails.

This policy is therefore set within the rational assumption that consumers of the Guideline Professional Fees determined annually by the SACPCMP will apply the policy and determined fees within the following reasonable parameters:
a) That when charging fees, they should ensure that their independence, objectivity and judgment are not impaired by the hope of financial gain.
b) They should ensure that such fees are commensurate with the responsibilities assumed.
c) Caution is taken to ensure there is no danger that standards of performance will be adversely affected because the fee charged is insufficient to allow the
necessary amount of time and skill to be spent for this purpose.

In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 34 of the Act, read in conjunction with Section 4 (k) (v) of the Council for the Built Environment Act No 43 of 2000, this policy sets the guidance espoused below.