About our Sponsors and Partners

Platinum Sponsor: Cairnmead

Cairnmead is a comprehensive occupational health and safety consulting firm known for its expertise in various sectors, focusing on two distinct divisions: Industrial and Operational.

Cairnmead Industrial Consultants:

Cairnmead Industrial Consultants offers a distinctive consulting service in the field of Health and Safety. We guide our clients in the practical application of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulations, and related South African National Standards in a straightforward manner. We believe that true safety is achieved not only through knowledge but also through understanding. Our aim is to assist clients in comprehending these regulations, and we simplify our extensive knowledge and expertise into easily understandable and applicable information.

Cairnmead Operational Consultants:

Cairnmead Operational Consultants are committed to adding substantial value to enterprises by offering diverse services, including building risk assessments, operational audits, emergency preparedness assessments, operational files management, documentation services, project staffing support, emergency equipment and signage, drill planning, and evacuation diagrams. We uphold the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our work. Our dedication to integrity guarantees that our assessments and reports are unbiased, accurate, and fully compliant with legal requirements, fostering trust and confidence among our clients.

Cairnmead is a trusted consulting partner offering specialised services through its Industrial and Operational Divisions. By combining industry-specific knowledge with practical insights, Cairnmead helps businesses navigate regulatory landscapes, enhance safety protocols, and optimise their operations for sustained success.

Website: cairnmead.com

Gold Sponsor: NEXOR

Nexor is a multi-disciplinary built environment services consultancy geared to developing the next generation of infrastructure that is designed to connect communities to meet their basic needs, enable new employment opportunities and give access to other economic prospects.

Through Nexor’s project management and built environment projects, the organisation is continuously expanding new horizons, paving the road for a better life for all and bridging the divide between South Africa’s diverse communities. Nexor consciously invests in next generation technology and expertise in order to effectively deliver future-focused solutions across our operating environments.
Services include:

• Project Management
• Construction Management
• Programme Management
• Portfolio Management
• Pavement Management
• Civil Engineering
• Structural Engineering
• Architecture and Town Planning
• Quantity Surveying

Website: www.nexorsa.com

Gold Sponsor: Project Management Institute (PMI)

PMI is the leading authority in project management, committed to advancing the project management profession to positively impact project success. We empower professionals to excel in project management practices through our growing global community, knowledge sharing, and best-in-class certifications—driving positive change in organizations and communities.

Since 1969, our unwavering mission has been to advocate for the profession by offering life-long learning and connections to sharpen high-demand skills. Today, PMI provides professionals at every stage of their career journey with the globally recognized standards, online courses, thought leadership, events, and tools they need to succeed.

With more than 300 chapters around the world, PMI members can network, find mentors, access career opportunities, and learn from peers, working together to drive greater impact. Visit us at:

Website: PMI.org

Gold Sponsor: Construction World

Construction World was first published in 1982 and has since grown to be a leader in its field, offering a unique blend of editorial coverage to satisfy the diverse needs of its readers. It targets both the civil engineering and building sectors.

The magazine provides readers with an insight into the activities of South African companies in both local and international markets, focusing on news and interviews, contracts and projects, innovations in civil engineering and building, products and services, and construction equipment trends.

Construction World aims to serve the Southern African construction industry and in so doing provides advertisers a highly niched vehicle to maximise their return on investment.

It is published in print and online, and offers two weekly electronic newsletters, a vibrant website and a large social media following. Construction World is more than a magazine – it is a widely respected brand with a wide target audience.

Website: www.crown.co.za/construction-world

Gold Sponsor: Pro-Serve Group

Pro-Serve Consulting is a diversified company in the built environment that offers professional and property development services.  The company was established in 2007 in Gauteng and has been operating for a decade providing integrated built environment services.  Pro-Serve has also expanded its brand into new markets. Since its establishment, Pro-Serve Consulting has diversified its portfolio and is now based on four pillars, represented by its subsidiaries.

This has strengthened the position of the organization which now provides multi-disciplinary built environment services to both private and public sector development throughout the country.

The group’s four pillars are:

  • Construction Project Management
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Construction Management
  • Property Development

This has strengthened the position of the organization which now provides multi-disciplinary built environment services to both private and public sector development throughout the country.

Website: www.proservegroup.co.za

Bronze Sponsor: Diba BES

Diba BES offers a variety of solutions within the Construction Sector, that complement one another to deliver best-in-class solutions for their clients. The Team is empowered by a shared philosophy and bound by one goal: to deliver expert solutions to clients within budget and on time.  DIBA BES was founded in 2005 and specialises in:

  • Building & Civil Construction
  • Built Environment Professional Services
  • Occupational Hygiene Services
  • Occupational Health and Safety Training Courses
  • Concrete Pump Hire

Diba BES is 100% black women-owned and provides state-of-the-art constructed environments, to both government and private sector clients.  Its five divisions offer clients, end-to-end service solutions to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.  Clients benefit from a sustainable balance between infrastructure construction and ongoing maintenance and support.

Diba BES is registered with the:

Website: www.diba.co.za

Bronze Sponsor: FEM

FEM was established as a mutual insurer in 1936.  FEM provides workmen’s compensation insurance for the construction industry.

Workmen’s compensation is a compulsory form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees or their dependents, in the case of injuries or diseases sustained in the course of their employment and is governed by the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, (130 of 1993) (COID Act).

The business operations are essentially confined to the insurance of employers against their liabilities under the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act 1993 (COIDA).

Contact Details:

Tel: 011 3594300

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.fem.co.za

The Federated Employers Mutual Assurance Company (RF) (Pty) Ltd (“FEM”) is licensed to conduct non-life insurance business.

Bronze Sponsor: Veriforce Complyworks

Veriforce ComplyWorks is a recognised leader in delivering comprehensive, integrated contractor and supplier risk management solutions that help bring workers home safely and optimise business performance. The company’s SaaS safety and compliance platform, data integrity and verification practices, and standardised safety training programs empower leading organisations to drive safety and compliance into their supply chains and down to the site and worker level. This network makes Veriforce the preferred partner for companies that strive to ensure a safe, qualified third-party workforce. Company offices are located in the U.S., Canada, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Website: www.veriforce.com

Bronze Sponsor: SHE Group

SHE Group is a Health, Safety, and Environmental Group that has been the cornerstone of greatness in the health, safety, and environment industry since 2008. All of their directors are experts in their own fields, and they have more than 50 years of experience in the health, safety, and environmental industry between them. The company has an efficient structure and their commitment to great service has helped them create their excellent reputation within the health, safety, and environmental industry. The team is disciplined and dedicated, which has enabled us to provide only the best services to their clients and establish incredible working relationships. They can certainly help industry professionals, thus for more information on their services please visit their website.

Website: www.shegroup.co.za

Masterclass Partner: Thero Services

At Thero Services, compliance is our business. Over and above “scientific approach”, our solutions are engineered in partnership with our clients to optimize the product from concepts, design, implementation, and operations. Our experts support clients to simplify compliance in addressing their environmental, health, safety, risk, building, compliance, and social and sustainability issues.

Thero Services takes a robust, legally compliant, and inclusive approach to ensure that all projects not only reach the financial and time targets but most importantly achieve Sustainable Development Goals Thero Services bears approximately 200 successfully completed projects in all provinces in South Africa and a few in other neighbouring countries on their record.

This is a clear illustration of the mixed skills within the team and the knowledgeability and experience of the team in Health and Safety, Environmental and Social Legislation, International Standards, and Practices and implementation thereof.

Website: theroserv.co.za

Print & Design Partner: Purple Square Media

Purple Square Media is a cutting-edge marketing agency specialized in Strategy and Planning, Creative Development, Media Planning and Buying, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Management, Public Relations (PR), Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Analytics and Reporting, Event Management, Marketing and Promotion, Branding and Positioning, Design and content creation, Multimedia production and printing.

Purple Square Media is made up of a young innovative team who understand the influence of technology on brand and business growth, and pride themselves on blending innovation and efficiency into producing first-rate services for clients. The team comprises experienced strategists, designers, marketers, and copywriters who are qualified to give your company a competitive advantage.

Headquartered in Johannesburg South Africa with a capacity that exceeds more than 200 project-based team members, their touch is evident throughout the clients they have worked with all over the country and beyond.

At the heart of everything they do is a clear understanding of the client’s requirements and that is encouraged by Purple Square’s vision to establish a clear brand identity and strengthen our market share through a proficient, creative, and innovative approach.

Website: www.purplesquare.co.za

Media Partner: Scape

Scape: SA’s Home of Design, Build and Maintenance

Paper Plane Publications has been engrained in the fabric of the build industry for seven years and is proudly the only publishing house in SA to boast a monthly hard copy and online issue, read by 3 000 accredited professionals in the design, build and maintenance industries, with a further 5 000 online readers per month.  They recently changed the name of their monthly issues to Scape (an evolution if you will)!  It’s still us though, same team and same drive – to connect every single member of the build community under one title.

Come on in, they have plenty space for every professional from a developer, architect, interior designer and urban planner to every landscape architect, designer, engineer, contractor, and maintenance crew.  Every monthly issue is themed to ensure riveting reading material for our audience, and Scape will deep dive into interviews, projects, features, and products that will fuel your passion for growth.

Website: www.scapemagazine.co.za

For details on how to become a conference sponsor, contact Dinaledi Nteleki via [email protected]


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