The South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP) is a statutory body established by section 2 of the Project and Construction Management Act (Act No.48 of 2000). Amongst others, its mandate is to advance Construction Management and Project Management education, provide for statutory professional certification and regulation of the Project and Construction Management Professions to protect the public interest.
The Act empowers SACPCMP to keep a national register of persons registered in terms of the Act and further empowers SACPCMP to take any steps it considers necessary for the enhancement of the status of the Project and Construction Management professions.
It is against the aforesaid that the SACPCMP calls for the relevantly skilled persons to constitute the Disciplinary Tribunal in terms of section 30(2) of the Act to conduct disciplinary hearings against registered persons. When a finding of guilty is made, the Disciplinary Tribunal may impose the sanctions prescribed in Sections 32(3) (a) and (b) of the Act.

SACPCMP is calling for Expressions of Interest from relevantly qualified individuals with relevant experience, to be appointed as members of a Disciplinary Tribunal. To be considered as a potential member, the following are requirements:
a) a person who specialises in the Professional field concerning the charge
b) a Professional who has appropriate experience
c) a person qualified in law and who has appropriate experience
It is anticipated that each category be represented by a specialised professional on the panel. That specialised professional shall form part of a Disciplinary Tribunal proceedings as and when the charge is about the arraigned person belonging to that specific professional field. This is to ensure that a Disciplinary Tribunal discharges its duties and responsibilities with the benefit of practitioners and professionals of that field to guarantee the fairness and soundness of the disciplinary process.

1.1. Professional Qualifications and Requirements:
a) Qualifications
A person must have obtained a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in one of the following fields from a recognised University:
• Built Environment (Engineering/Construction/Health and Safety)
• Law (LLB) from a recognised University.
b)Professional Registration
A person registered at SACPCMP in one of the following categories and in good standing:
• Professional Construction Health and Safety Agent
• Construction Health and Safety Manager
• Construction Health and Safety Officer
• Professional Construction Project Manager
• Professional Construction Manager
• Professional Construction Mentor
• Construction Mentor (CM)
• Professional Building Inspector
• Certified Building Inspector
c) Experience
• A minimum of 3 to 5 years’ experience within the Construction Industry
• A person should possess knowledge of the intricate nature of the professional category,
• A minimum of 3 to 5 years’ experience in arbitration or mediation.
• Membership of a similar tribunal or disciplinary committee will be an advantage.

i. The closing date for receiving the Expression of Interest is 6 November 2023.
ii. Applicants wishing to respond to the Expression of Interest, must provide their full Curriculum Vitae which should detail amongst others the following:
• Full Name
• Postal Address
• Contact details (mobile number, landline number and email address)
• Educational Qualifications
• Professional Body Registration (where applicable)
• Specific discipline and experience
• NB: Attach certified copies of qualifications and ID
iv. Any documentation submitted will not be returned but rather this will remain the property of Council. The Council also understands that some of the information may be sensitive in nature hence each submission will be treated as confidential.
v. The Council is not obliged to disclose any reasons behind any submission not being accepted
vi. Disciplinary Tribunal will be engaged on an ‘as needed basis. In other words, as and when the Council requires the services of a Disciplinary Tribunal. A selection process will be made from the Disciplinary Tribunal on the database. This will be in accordance with the nature of the case.

The duration of the appointment shall run concurrently with the term of office of the Investigation Committee, subject to satisfactory performance.

NOTE: SACPCMP has a remuneration policy for this type of work which will be made known to the successful applicants
Completed documents must be submitted electronically to Ms Linda Maruma: Email address: [email protected]
Technical Enquiries should be directed to Ms Mapula Ramolotja: Email address [email protected]