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The Office of the Public Service Commission Republic of South Africa:

Request for registration as a technical expert to serve on High Level Selection Committees

The National Framework towards the Professionalisation of the Public Sector has assigned function to the Public Service Commission (PSC) that should be implemented to support the vision of a professional and capable developmental state.

One of the functions is to develop a database of technical experts for the purposes of service on high-level selection committees in the public sector.

As such, the SACPCMP, on behalf of the PSC, encourages its Registered Persons to consider registering. Details and the registration link are below.

Request for Registration as a Technical Expert

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has requested the registration of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are technical experts in their respective fields.  The intention is to promote, in the spirit of building a capable South Africa, stronger partnerships with all sectors.

The information you provide will be used to assist the Public Sector in selecting experts to serve on selection committees.  The role of the expert is to provide guidance and advice as part of the selection committee and actively participate in the selection of high caliber personnel.  The services of the selected technical expert(s) will be voluntary.

The services of which will not be paid for by the Sector, hence it is voluntary and intended to create substantial relations between the sectors.  It will also adopt a principle of greater transparency by giving experts an insight to the processes of recruitment.

Costs related to travel and accommodation will need to be addressed directly with any organisation wishing to utilise your services.  The PSC accepts no costs from the use of you as an expert.

For details regarding this process, please direct your queries to the Office of the Public Service Commission (Republic of South Africa) or contact: 012 352 1000.